Mg is a leading company in ideation, production and distribution of men’s and ladies’ fully fashioned and cut knitwear in standard and out sizes.

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178102 scollo a v mg donna bianco
178804 girocollo grigio tricot mg donna
178110 girocollo tricot floreale mg donna
178121 scollo a v tricot mg donna
173100 girocollo maniche lunghe fantasia mg donna
178707 girocollo maculato mg donna

MG Woman, in each season, encourages women to express their style, identity and self-confidence. Every woman can demonstrate her own uniqueness so that she can believe better in herself.

We have always believed that when we wear a garment that is well made, we feel better and more confident in our clothes. A woman who does not settle for what she has, always chooses the best quality for her wardrobe.